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    Statim 2000s

    The Statim 2000 S-cycle cassette autoclave is the fastest benchtop steriliser available. Statim will enable you to sterilise your handpieces in only 8 minutes and between patients. This will optimise your clinical time management and improve efficiency.

    It will also dramatically reduce the number of handpieces you will require in the average day from around seven to three; saving you money.

    The gentle sterilisation of the Statim and the reduced time for which your valuable handpieces are exposed to the sterilising process, will also prolong their useful life and reduce maintenance costs. It�s a new formula! Speed equals money saved.

    Attractive, compact, reliable and gentle

    The Statim S-cycle cassette autoclave is a compact autoclave small enough to fit neatly into a convenient space on, or under, the dental cabinetry countertop as it generates no heat and very little noise. It is an attractive, well-designed, aesthetic unit which sits comfortably with today�s surgery d�cor.

    Statim prolongs the life of expensive and delicate instruments such as fibre-optic dental handpieces, orthodontic pliers, endodontic instruments, syringe tips and diamond and carbide burs. Statim�s steam injector system provides temperature consistency and expels the air that causes oxidation in conventional autoclaves. Statim cassette autoclaves use only clean distilled water with every cycle, preventing the formation of rust and the build-up of bio contaminants. Also, a built-in air pump flushes the chamber with filtered dry air, further reducing humidity.

    Light, thin-walled Statim cassettes promote rapid heating and cooling, further minimising overall processing time and reducing instrument exposure to heat. All designed to maximise the useful life of your valuable instruments and to minimise maintenance costs.

    Statim 5000s

    The Statim 5000 S has a greater capacity than the Statim 2000 S due to a larger cassette. Cycle times are generally 20% longer than those of the Statim 2000 S due to the larger capacity. More instruments can be sterilised during the working day than in any Bcycle steriliser because of the efficiency of the 11 minute cycle of the Statim 5000 S for unwrapped instruments. It�s a reliable cassette steriliser that�s compact enough to fit into patient treatment areas and is ideal for the larger and busy dental practice.

    The Statim 5000 S is also fully automatic. Simply select one of three sterilisation programmes and with a single touch of the keypad, begin the cycle. An advanced microprocessor controls all functions and maintains optimal sterilisation conditions, from start to finish.