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Tuttnauer’s star performer.

The Nova is a pre & post vacuum sterilizer that uses the most advanced tabletop technology available. The 23 Litre chamber has compact outer dimensions making it a perfect fit for todays contemporary clinic. The Nova is designed to sterilize class B cycles. A common application is in the medical OR (Operating Room) as an independent sterilization unit or in dental and private clinics that need to sterilize narrow and hollow instruments and wrapped packs.


  • Designed to sterilize class B cycles – packaged, porous and hollow A loads
  • Compact design with small footprint for the contemporary clinic
  • Does not require any external supplies, except power
  • Preheated chamber keeps the chamber warm and ready to use
  • Improved monitoring for consistent documentation of sterilization results
  • Easy-to-use, single touch control system helps productivity
  • Dual Compartment Water Reservoir
  • Each cycle uses clean unused water and provides higher sterilization results

The Nova offers a total of 8 preset programs: 6 sterilization programs and 2 test programs: the Bowie and Dick / 7 Helix test and the vacuum test

Program Name Instruments and Materials Sterilization Temp Ave. Cycle Time Solid Load Ave. Cycle Time Textiles
Fast Unwrapped Instruments 13 4°C 15 min. N/A
WDry 134 Porous, Wrapped and Hollow A loads 134°C 35 min. 42 min.
P 134 Porous, Wrapped and Hollow A loads with sterilization time recommended to sterilize prions 134°C 46 min. 55 min.
NoDry 121 Unwrapped delicate instruments 121°C 35 min. 42 min.
WDry 121 Porous, Wrapped and Hollow A loads and delicate instruments 121°C 55 min. 62 min.
Slow 121 Delicate and unwrapped instruments with slow exhaust 121°C 37min.
(Max time)

Cycle times include air removal, heating, sterilization exposure, exhaust and drying. Tested with Solid toad/Textile 2 kg. Programs Wdry 134 and P 134 include a 15 minute drying time and Program WDry 121 includes a 20 minute drying time. All cycle times may vary with instrument load and voltage.

Specifications NOVA
Chamber Dimensions ø X L (mm) 254×475
Chamber Volume (Liter) 23L
No. of Trays 4
Tray Dimensions WxHxD (mm) 168 x 20 x 414
Voltage(V) Freq.(Hz) 230V 50Hz
Current(A) Power(W) 14.5A 3000W
Overall Dimensions WxHxD (mm) 512 x 424 x 578
Autoclave Weight (Kg.) 57

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