Clinidet – Instrument Detergent

Product Description

A clinical detergent specially formulated to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 4187-2003 & ASINZS 4815-2001

Environmentally Friendly, User Friendly, Worksafe Friendly

DetergentsClinidet Features

  • Excellent wetting (detergency) across a broad temperature range
  • Very low foaming under dynamic conditions even at ambient temperature
  • Corrosion inhibitor incorporated into the fonnulation
  • Mild alkaline formulation
  • Improved performance in hard water
  • No irritating or hazardous ingredients
  • Excellent in systems operating under dynamic conditions where continuous, rapid surface-interface formation requires quick migration of surfactant to effect good wetting

Clinidet Advantages:

  • Highly efficient cleaner for the removal of organic substances especially blood, proteins, fats & lipids
  • Powerful as a cleaner yet gentle to high quality instruments & equipment
  • Mild alkaline formulation greatly improves the solubilisation of proteins & fats compared with neutral detergents
  • Overcomes hard water problems in rural areas
  • Safe and effective with “mist” free applicator
  • Safe to store & transport

The Optimum Detergent for Manual & Ultrasonic Cleaning
Cleaning before Sterilising:

Cleaning is a vital step for preventing cross infection when reusing surgical instruments & equipment.

The sterilising process will not work if there is residual soil or film. The outer coating of the bio-film will simply harden & the underlying organic material will be untouched, leaving a potential source of cross infection.

A cleaning agent is necessary to effectively remove soil & organic matter. The cleaning agent will soltibilise & emulsify soil through the action of surfactants. The effectiveness of the cleaning agent is greatly enhanced by mechanical action, such as manual brushing, ultrasonic cleaners or mechanical washers.

Ideal for use on:

Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Surgical Tables & Chairs, Benchtops, Tiles, Walls & Floors, Environment

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