Bowie Dick – Green Card T


Product Description

The Green Card T Air Removal & Steam Penetration test is designed as an environmentally safe lead free method for daily monitoring of table-top pre-vacuum steam sterilizers to detect air leaks, inadequate steam penetration and vacuum pump failures. The Green Card T is specially packaged for use in small pre-vacuum steam sterilizers. The pouched card is placed the sterilizer in the most difficult to sterilize area and the sterilizer is operated at a 3.5 minute/135° C sterilization cycle. The Green Card T is designed to meet the EN 867-5 performance requirements for Alternative Indicators Equivalent to the Porous Load Process Challenge Device Test.

If no appreciable air is present in the sterilizer chamber after vacuums are drawn, the steam will penetrate to the middle of the test card and turn the indicator sheet a uniform green color. If a small amount of air is present, the air will migrate to the middle leaving the center of the card a purplish color rather than uniform green.

The indicator card is packaged in a sterilization pouch to protect the indicator from the excessively wet conditions that often occur in small steam sterilizers. The metal ring provided with each box of indicator cards is attached through a hole punched in each pouch. The ring provides added weight, thus preventing the indicator from being blown around inside the sterilizer during steam insertion and vacuum pulses.

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