The Complete Package:
Sterilizers and Sterilization Know How

S-B Autoclaves

An Australian owned and operated family business with over 25 years experience in sales and servicing of autoclaves/sterilizers  and their associated equipment to the Dental, Medical, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical and their associated industries. Specializing in sterilizer sales, installation, commissioning, staff training, service, repairs, calibration and validations. All in accordance with the relevant Aus/NZ and International standards.

Our highly qualified sales and technical staff provide all the above mentioned services to our customers supplied with bench-top/table-top sterilizers, 8L, 19L, 22L and 29L sizes. Laboratory sterilizers with special chamber sizes from 50L to 800L+

SBA with our experience and close associations with sterilizer manufacturers from all over the world, can advise on the types, size and models to best suit individual needs for all applications.

Our professional sales and technical team have extensive knowledge in all aspects of infection control and are conversant with latest Australian industry standards.

Proudly Australian Owned and Operated